A Message for the Men in Your Life

28 Feb

A male friend who is familiar with my new book Notes from Your Fairy Godmother sent me a link to an article recently. I was …

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Notes from Your Fairy Godmother: Ideas, Inspiration & Joy for Women

20 Feb

I am so excited about my third book: Notes from Your Fairy Godmother which is available on Kindle now! The print version is being held …

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SpaBizBoard: Ready for our 11th year!

12 Dec

    Yep, that’s me…sporting my SpaBizBoard tee-shirt at a trade show in the early years. I have no idea which city I was in …

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What Professional Estheticians Know: The Skin Barrier

6 Nov

I am still working on my NCEA Certified Esthetician continuing education requirements which are required for re-certification. The chapter I am on today is about …

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Holiday Shoppers

2 Nov

  For those of you in the spa business, hopefully by now you have your holiday retail in stock or at least ordered and on …

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A Lesson in 5-Star Customer Service

26 Oct

In today’s world of esthetics and spa, the formula for success is no longer strictly about facials and other spa services. Nor is it about …

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Frustrated with Fake Esthetician Titles

23 Oct

It is Sunday afternoon and overcast outside..basically a really good day to work on my NCEA Certification renewal. I have been an NCEA Certified Esthetician …

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Notes from Long Beach ICES

20 Sep

I have always enjoyed the International Congress of Esthetic & Spa events throughout the country. I have been a speaker at all of them, but …

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